The Fine Artist in Me

So, what do art students do all day?

And how do you take visual provocation in your stride?

How does cricket fit into art schools?

And what sort of Xmas pantos do art schools put on?

One might imagine that paints, brushes and canvas were things that typical art students would use, but why might they need spirit levels and special underpants?

Frank (Britain's obvious answer to Pablo Picasso) and his alter ego, Frank italic, explore these and other important artistic questions in this novel.

The Fine Artist in Me

A surreal farce set in a fictional art school in East London

Digital ISBN: 978-1-9163290-2-7

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9163290-3-4

Frank arrives at his new art school and creates a major art work in the college refectory. The Five, near neighbours of Frank, are also ensconced in the refectory in a cricket pavilion.... Doesn't your art school have a cricket pavilion in the refectory? Why not? How else could you reach a captive audience with The Interruption of Play by an Aeroplane?

Meanwhile, Prudence is on the prowl: She's looking for next pair of underpants to paint: in situ. And what of Zoe? Will Miles Baker, the diminutive Head of Art History, always be on hand to salvage her undergarments after her performance pieces? There's only one way to find out...