I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. As a young boy I enjoyed playing badminton and flying kites. Kite flying is something that is really big in Pakistan, especially in Lahore.

My family came to the UK towards the end of 1959. I would have been nine at the time. We stayed in London for a while and then moved to Leicester the following year. I attended the Lancaster Boys School in Leicester.

My favourite subjects at school were art, music and PE. I particularly enjoyed playing pirates in the gym. However, we were only allowed to do this at the end of term as a special treat!

Like most boys of my generation, I played all kinds of sports at school, including basketball, badminton, cricket and of course football. I was also fairly keen on gymnastics and pole vaulting, which we did during athletics in the summer term. Nowadays, I tend to swim and cycle to keep fit.

After leaving school, I did an Art Foundation Course at Leicester College of Art and Design. I then applied to study Fine Art at Goldsmiths School of Art in South London.

After graduating from Goldsmiths, I studied print-making at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. I later completed a second degree at The Open University, where my principal subject was computer science.

I have, at various times, taught art, ICT and computer science in schools, colleges and adult education institutes. In between spells of teaching I have also worked as a contract programmer and technical author.

My Mate's as 'Ard as Nails (My Obdurate Companion) was my first work of fiction for children.

I now divide my time between painting, writing and helping to run a web service which aims to support computing in schools: See the Other Writing page for details.