My Mate's as 'Ard as nails (My Obdurate Companion) is a humorous children's adventure story which features bullying, blackmail, kidnapping and some evil bank robbers who aren’t afraid to do unspeakable things to anyone who gets in their way.

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This book was first published in December 2013; a second edition was published in March 2017.


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Here's part of a review for My Mate's as 'Ard as nails (My Obdurate Companion) from The Bookbag site: "... My Mate's as 'Ard as Nails is an irresistibly madcap story. It careers along at a breakneck pace and you're rooting for Freddy right from page one ... Underneath the adventure caper and all the jokes, there is a serious story here - all about friendship, loyalty, courage in the face of danger, and being true to yourself. It's great fun to read and it's empowering, too ..."

You can read the full review of this book on The Bookbag site.


My Mate's as 'Ard as Nails (My Obdurate Companion) was my first fictional book for children. The action in this book takes place at the beginning of the school year.

The second book in the series is entitled, My Mate Could Talk for England (My Voluble Companion). In this second book, the action takes place towards the end of term as we find the characters getting ready for the Christmas festivities. This book was published in October 2017.


My third children's book is entitled, The BBC Micro:bit and the Moon Dust Aliens. This book features an adventure story that is set on the Moon in 2076. The characters in this book make use of the BBC micro:bit in their adventures. This book was published in January 2020.

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