Computing Homework Site

I launched the ICT Homework site in 2008 with the aim of helping secondary school students to develop a better understanding of Computing and ICT.

In line with changes to the National Curriculum, the site was renamed to Computing Homework in 2013.

I have written all of the exercises for the Computing Homework site. There are around 170 exercises on this site.

The exercises on the Computing Homework site have been designed to help with the promotion of literacy within the Computing curriculum.

The materials on the site are targeted at KS3 students. Some of the exercises may also be used to support KS4 activities.

The Computing Homework site contains a wide range of exercises.

The site contains exercises on modelling, data handling, programming, the BBC Micro:bit and many other topics.

I use lots of software tools to create these exercises. My starting point is a visual HTML editor. This is used to create the layout for each exercise. I then use bitmap and vector editors to prepare and add the graphical elements.

Videos are added using audio and video editing software. Animations are produced using yet another software tool. Finally, everything is output to a text-based HTML editor. This allows me to add code and to tweak the output before the exercise is published.