The BBC Micro:bit and the Moon Dust Aliens

It’s almost the end of the summer term. The ‘Moonbeams’ – that’s Will, Megan, Shazia and Fergus – are planning all the adventures they’ll have over the holidays. But quite unexpectedly, they’re handed an adventure that’s literally out of this world.

“Well you four,” said Mr Taylor with a huge smile, “it seems that the National Space Agency really liked your proposal to test for microbial life forms on the Moon...You leave in two weeks!”

When they were told they were about to go on an educational visit to the Moon, the Moonbeams could never have imagined that they would soon find themselves pitted against an alien species that was intent on taking over the Earth...

In this adventure story, the ‘Moonbeams’ make use of a gadget called the BBC Micro:bit. This is a small programmable computer that was especially designed to be used by children.

Digital ISBN: 978-0-9927318-2-3

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9927318-3-0

This novel features four young students who make use of the BBC Micro:bit in their adventures on the Moon. In 2016, one million children in the UK were given one of these micro:bits free of charge.

It is not necessary to know anything about the Micro:bit in order to enjoy the book. Readers can view the Micro:bit as just a gadget that is used by the characters in the novel - much like Dr Who uses a sonic screwdriver in his adventures.